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This is a test of the news page - 28/11/2006

This is a test of the news page

Review of Unity by EDS

Review of UNITY ONTCD2061 by Baz Parkes in EDS Magazine

Club and festival stalwarts Dave and Anni have a considerable following on both sides of the Atlantic, and their legion of fans will not be disappointed with the fifteen tracks on offer here. If their singing is new to you, Unity offers a fine sample of what you might encounter in their company; a mixture of trad arr., new songwriting, music hall standards, and a Rudyard Kipling poem set to a tune by the inestimable Mr Bellamy. Crossing centuries and continents with gay abandon, we move from the north east, Johnny Handle's 'Guard your Man Weel', cross to the Lakes for a spot of hunting with the 'Ullswater Pack', then drop into Whitby where we encounter the port's 'Fisher Lad'. Taking in a night at the halls, ''Arry 'Arry', we then cross Peter Bellamy's 'Still and Silent Ocean', landing in Australia for a 'New Road' gospel meeting, and finish with an Aussie trade union anthem 'Bring out the Banners'. Sensitive solos and rattling good choruses ensure this CD will appeal to many ears.