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This is a test of the news page - 28/11/2006

This is a test of the news page

May Day

After a very busy first part of the year, we are grateful for a rest. We have been around quite a bit of the country doing club bookings including a little tour around the Liverpool area, which we really enjoyed.We did an enjoyable night at the Y Theatre in Leicester doing our Lest We Forget Show with Cockersdale and John Morris, which is a whole evening of Kipling to Peter Bellamy's wonderful settings accompanied by slides. It was nice to see John O'Hagen getting out and about after months of illness. We finished off this part of the season by performing at Glasson Dock in Lancaster. That was a lovely weekend, aided by beautiful spring weather. Unfortunately, the weekend ended up with Anni spraining her ankle and she has been hobbling around every since!

We spend every 1st May in Padstow in Cornwall where they really know how to welcome in the summer and that is where we first "got together". So we are getting ready to go down there and see many wonderful friends. We are usually down there for best part of a week and that involves lots of socialising, singing, catching up with old friends and enjoying the lovely countryside with a bit of birdwatching thrown in. Lets hope for good weather! After May Day we have put a bit of time aside for catching up with house renovation, but already that time is disappearing......someday it will get finished!