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This is a test of the news page - 28/11/2006

This is a test of the news page

Yellowstone National Park

After touring in the USA so many times, we have, at last, gone there for a holiday only! With friends we visited Yellowstone, which was a wonderful experience. A good time of year to go, September, as I suppose there was not so many people there. We saw so many wonderful animals, of course Buffalo, and a whole pack of wolves which was a great treat and privelege! The geological wonders are truly amazing, from beautiful landscape to moonscape in a few yards! After Yellowstone we came back East, visited friends and did one of our favourite activities, we went on a whalewatch from Gloucester. We saw many humpbacks and some minke. No fins on this occasion.  Now back home getting ready for the winter and planning New Year celebrations, a big event in this part of the world. We'll be at Allendale for New Year. A traditional bonfire with brass band and geisers. It's an opportunity to get together with friends from all over the country and this year we are expecting some friends over from Australia! We just hope the "health and safety" people don't ruin a wonderful evening!