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Brian Watson, a true Northumbrian and countryman is highly regarded as a true source for songs of the North East of England. His album, 'Where Ivvor heh thi gone?' has eighteen wonderful songs written by many of the great 'Northern Bards'. Included with this CD is a 40 page booklet containing extensive and informative notes, performer and poet biographies, full song text and a glossary of the old Northumbrian words used in the songs.

Born and raised in the heart of the industrial North East of England, he came early to a love of folk music. Nurtured by a singing family whose tastes ran from liturgical music to cowboy songs, Irish ballads, grand opera, blues, jazz, classical and local Music Hall, the dominant music in his life has been the folk music of the British Isles.

Though his ancestry is largely Celtic, being a native Tynesider has strongly affected his approach to music. Tyneside is an area that absorbs other cultures and converts them into its own - to this day, even after thirty-five years living in the USA, Louis's speaking accent still denotes his roots. The mixture of Irish, Scots and English living in the coal-mining and industrial region known to the ancients as Northumbria sets it apart from the rest of England, pulling into it the musical traditions of all three countries while maintaining its own distinct musical style.

Louis Killen draws on all four traditions to bring a wide range of folk music to his audiences. To these four is added the Anglo-American tradition of deep-water shantying and sailor ballads common to both nations. Louis's first-hand experience working aboard brigs, brigantines, schooners and sloops in the late '60s and early '70s put him in the forefront of the current revival of maritime music on both sides of the Atlantic.

In a career spanning over forty years, with more than thirty-five albums/CDs to his credit, Louis Killen's influence as a performer, teacher and inspiration to others is unparalleled. Both as a singer and as a concertina player - an instrument whose use for self-accompaniment he pioneered - his impact on the folk song movement is hard to overstate. He is the folksinger's folksinger.

Pete's performances are peppered with wit as well as some fine playing and singing. He's got a relaxed, easy-going style with a voice that ranges from all the gusto of a strong shanty singer to the sensitivity of a heart-wrenching ballad singer.

With a clear, controlled voice that can cut across a crowded room and then bring out the mellowest of notes in a manner that has brought some of the noisiest venues to silence. Pete has recorded only one solo album.

Although Johnny is mostly known for his maritime material these days, he has been around the scene for many years and has a remarkable catalogue of albums.

He is highly regarded for his contributions to the maritime scene but he also has many wonderful traditional songs in his repertoire. His most recent album is on the Old and New Tradition label and we hope for many more.

Beggars Velvet were a four part harmony group who toured around UK & USA between 1987 and 1993. Comprising Dave Webber, Anni Fentiman, Charley and Cathy Yarwood. Although the group split up in 1993 their one recording Lady of Autumn is still a highly regarded piece of work

Although fairly short lived, Salt of the Earth made their mark on the UK folk scene and made one recording. Comprising Barrie & Ingrid Temple and Danny & Joyce McLeod.

Hailing from Minneapolis, Bob was music co-ordinator in the education department of Mystic Seaport Museum in Mystic Connecticut where he became an expert in Sea Shanties. In more recent years he has lived in the UK with his wife Julie Young while he studied for his PhD in ethnomusicology and recorded his most recent album.

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