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December 2012

We are excited about the celebrations for the above - 40th ANNIVERSARY of the FIRST CEILIDH and 30th ANNIVERSARY of the FIRST FESTIVAL  - quite something to celebrate!
 JACKIE OATES was due to perform with Karen Tweed, but unfortunately Karen has had to cancel. We are more than pleased however that Jackie will now be joined by JIM MORAY, thus guaranteeing a concert of impeccable quality. Two brilliant performers rarely seen together. Don't miss this opportunity to see them!       

You will then have the opportunity of seeing FEET FIRST APPALACHIAN CLOG DANCERS, one of the first dance groups to popularise Appalachian dancing in this country. They use the traditional dance steps and combine them into innovative and exciting dances. 

Whist at the same time, in our acoustic venue, Jane and Amanda Threlfall will take quintessentially English traditional songs and breathe new life into them, invoking a refreshing sense that this was how they were always meant to be. They are more than ably assisted by Roger Edwards to become TRIO THREFALL .

The Ceilidh in the Main Hall with THE OLD SWAN BAND - Driving fiddles with a full raunchy brass section and rhythm from drums and keyboards, make this band unique and still at the cutting edge of English Ceilidh music. HUGH RIPPON calls and masterminds this ceilidh.

Meanwhile, back in our acoustic concert venue,  DAVE WEBBER  ANNI FENTIMAN and BRIAN PETERS Peters will be presenting ‘On the Road to Mandalay’ a journey in song through the life of the Victorian soldier, as illustrated by Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Barrack Room Ballads’, and set to music by the late Peter Bellamy.

The timings  
4.00pm  Jackie Oates & Jim Moray (MH)
7.00 pm TrioThrelfal (WRR)
7.00pm  Feet First (MH)
8.00 pm Ceilidh with Old Swan Band (MH)
8.45 pm On the road to Mandalay- Rudyard Kipling's Barrack Room 
Ballads, set to music by the late Peter Bellamy and presented by
Dave Webber, Anni Fentiman and Brian Peters (WRR)

MH is the main hall and WRR is the Walter Rose Room, our acoustic concert venue

Admission to the venue, Haddenham village Hall, Haddenham, near Aylesbury,Bucks, HP17 8EE, lets you dance or enjoy the concerts or perhaps a bit of both